April 2020: Waterlily


Waterlily Motif

Waterlily is a lace centre out, Nymphaeaceae inspired motif featuring a join as you go (JAYG) construction. It is a 9 round motif.
Waterlily is a complex level pattern that a confident crocheter would enjoy. It is perfect for all yarn weights and looks amazing made from a gradient cake. Please note the pattern is written for one continuous single colour. I did the sample with each round in a new colour. I finished off after each round, sewing in my ends and rejoining my yarn after each round.

Materials needed:

Waterlily was designed to make a project using any weight of yarn The finished size of the sample motif is approximately 16cm using 40m of Cotton King Twirl Deluxe Imperial Purple and a 3mm hook. Your motif size and meterage will vary due to crochet style differences.

Stitch markers.

Wool/darning needle.

Recommended Hook size:
3-3.5 mm for 4 ply
3.5-4 mm for 8 ply
4-4.5 mm for 10 ply
6-6.5 mm for 12 ply.
Or hook appropriate for your chosen yarn weight

Stitch abbreviations:
(American Terms)
Sc: Single crochet
Hdc: Half double crochet
Dc: Double crochet
CL5dc: Cluster 5 double crochet
Fp: Front post
Bp: Back post
Ch: Chain
Skp: Skip stitch
Sl st: Slip stitch
Pm: Place marker

PDF includes:
Written instructions
Round by rounds photos
Detailed joining instructions
Layout suggestions