Doilies are they daggy?

Juliet patten “Accent Mats”

I don’t know about you but for me there are certain words that I find really ugly or beautiful despite their meaning.

A good example is the word cellar.


  1. a room below ground level in a house, often used for storing wine or coal.”the servants led us down into a cellar”

I think most people would agree cellars themselves are not particularly beautiful, they invoke imagery of dark, damp, musty spaces, maybe even scary places but for me that word cellar is soft, pretty.

In contrast the word doily…


  1. a small ornamental mat made of lace or paper with a lace pattern, put on a plate under cakes or other sweet food.

Now doilies are pretty things, usually lacey, out on display for all to see, but… my gosh is the word doily an ugly thing, especially in the Australian accent.

I have been making a few modern “Doilies” lately and placating myself by calling them “Decorator accent mats”- the perfect pop of colour for your decorating needs.

So what are your thoughts? Doily? yes or no?

Desert Rose Pattern “Accent Mat”