Maeve Stitch

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The Maeve Stitch

I wrote this many, many moons ago, the writing was clunky, the edges of the fabric is clunky, the photos are…. well clunky. I removed it from being able to be downloaded on Ravelry for all these reasons but people are interested in seeing it, so…. Here it is warts and all.

I fixed the writing as best I could around the instructions in the photos but the edges would need a complete rewrite to neaten them up. I am sure a clever crafter could have a play and maybe ch2 instead of one and end on a hdc? Or ch3 and end on a dc?

The Maeve stitch is worked in multiples of 4 +3 stitches if using a chainless foundation or +6 if you are using a standard chained foundation. For a chained foundation the extra 3 will become your first DC by starting in the 4th chain from the hook.

In my example I am using a chainless foundation of 23 stitches

Row 1: CFDC multiples of 4+3, turn

Row 2: ch1 *hdc1, (fphdc3} around the post of that hdc1, skp3* repeat until the last 2 stitches hdc1, {fphdc3} around the post of that hdc1, sc1 in the top of turning chain of previous row, turn

Row 3: work in back loop only ch1, (do not count as stitch) dc1 in next stitch , hdc1, *dc3, hdc1* until the last stitch, sc1

Stitch count in this row should always be equal to your foundation row

Repeat row 2 and 3 to form your pattern and end in a row of HDC across all.