Scheepjes Chunky Monkey Review

I am not an acrylic person, mainly because it creates little micro splits in my fingers so I avoid it, however when designing Peony I wanted to be able to suggest a quality acrylic yarn to use. As fate would have it, just before I released Peony, Scheepjes announce their Chunky Monkey range and I decided to give it a test drive.

It’s sold as an Aran weight but I think it is pushing bulky. I used a 6.5mm hook because it is really dense and structured.

Works up super quick. I made the blanket shown in just over 24 hrs.

Colour range: The colours are fantastic. Really nice shades in tones from muted though to brights. In the 93 colours available there will be something for everyone.

Texture: Chunky Monkey is smooth, silky but not slippery. It doesn’t squeak and doesn’t grab on the hook.

Splitting: It does split a little but I just started remembering to twist my hook downward a little before pulling through and it stopped being an issue.

Anti Pilling: I am yet to wash it but it is apparently anti pill so fingers crossed. Aim is to keep it looking fresh and lovey because I will be using it as bedding. It will need to stand up to regular washes. I will check back and let you know.

Overall I give it a 9/10

* I am not affiliated with Scheepjes I purchased the yarn personally from Yarnish.

Pattern is Peony by me.