Watercolour ripples


For 7teen I have curated a collection of 15 different ripple alternatives that are all worked across 17 stitches. You can mix and match any or all of the designs to make for example a blanket or scarf that is individual.

You can make the project as wide or narrow as you like always working in multiples of 17

You can even join it in the round and make an infinity scarf, just ignore the instructions to turn and instead slip st the last st to the first before chaining up to start the next round.

You can find the first variant 0: Old shale below

The joy for me with crocheting is working stitches out for myself. I love a blank slate, fresh batch of yarn and a hook with nothing more than an idea of creating something and off I go

I knew I wanted to do a feather and fan/old shale type stitch, basically a ripple with some holes in it. I didn’t want a chevron with it’s sharp angles I wanted a gentle rise and fall

What I came up with is a hybrid between both the feather and fan and the old shale stitch, it has a two row repeat like the feather and fan but a softer more rolling ripple like the old shale

Combined with the Brighton Ombré pack from Spotlight I created this beautiful colour wash of happiness

I used 20 balls of Brighton ombré at 95m each and a 4.5mm hook. My blanket is 1m x 1.4m

US Terms used

CFSC: chainless foundation single crochet

Dc: Double crochet

Sc: Single crochet

Ch: Chain

Dc2tog: double crochet the next two stitches together- yarn over, insert hook into the next st, yarn over pull through two, yarn over, insert hook into the next st, yarn over pull through two, yarn over pull through all three sts on your hook to finish.


CFSC 170 (or any multiple of 17 to make a smaller or larger blanket) Please note this is not counted as an offical row. If you prefer you can chain 171 then sc 170 back along the chain, ch1, turn, ready for official row 1 below

Row 1: *ch3 (not counted as a st) starting in the same st as the ch3, [dc2tog] x3, *[ch1, dc1] x5, ch1, [dc2tog] x 6* x9, [ch1, dc1] x5, ch1, [dc2tog] x3, ch1, turn (170 including chains)

*if you find the ch3 too tall switch to a ch2 or even a ch1

Row 2: sc170, ch1, turn (170)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until desired size

Here is a really dodgy hand drawn graph

Let’s talk about colour placement. Watercolour ripples would be a perfect stash buster, organise your colours in a running order that pleases your eyes, light to dark, shade to shade, rainbow, or random/lucky dip for something truely unique

Then it is just as simple as introducing the new colour into the row 2s a few repeats before you will run out of the old colour

E.g I started my blanket with ombré grey, I worked in solid grey until row 8 when I added a peach row, then back to the grey until row 10, I switch back and forth randomly until eventually I was using the peach for the row 1 repeat and the grey print for the row 2 repeat until the grey ran out. I then moved onto introducing the darker orange print, then the pink, purple, blue, teal, green, grass, and finally the yellow. I wanted it a bit longer so I added a natural from the Brighton range and added some colour pops of left over ombre to just sections of the row 2 repeats

Q: This seems like a lot of ends to sew in Mel? I don’t like ends!

A: no me either! But I am actually not using a darning needle to sew in my ends. I am weaving them into the back loop of the row I am about to work with my crochet hook, doubling back at the end like an anchoring stitch, then crocheting over the top. Simple, easy, secure and no threading that pesky needle and loosing the end of out the eye before you can pull it though the project, am I right lol!

My ‘no sew‘ ends-as-I-go technique


Q: I am nervous about colour placement

A: Honestly don’t be, let this one be a liberating colour project. Plan it out a little at the start if you like. Lay the colours out see how they all play with each other but you don’t have to stick with it if you want to switch it up, have fun.

You can also make the design in a solid colour which will make a lovely classic looking blanket or go with a self striping yarn and let the yarn make all those decisions for you

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